Challenge Yourself!


So one of my new habits I’m trying to form is to get out of my house whenever possible to do work. This includes reading, writing blog posts, managing bills, and anything else. One of my good friends told me to try to smile the whole time while I was in Starbucks… WOW! This is hard! I’m realizing how little I smile based on how much it hurts just to hold it for 20 minutes. So my challenge to myself (along with a myriad of other new ideas that I pick up every day) will be to try to smile more and more over the coming months.

I believe it will have a truly dramatic effect on my life, the people I attract, the situations I encounter and my learning ability about anything. (Simply reading Think and Grow Rich with a smile has caused me to visualize and retain much more of the information!) I will be commenting on the effectiveness of this strategy as events unfold.



Start of a New Journey

Well, where to begin… It all started when I was about 6 when I fell out of Boo Radley’s apple tree… Just kidding! I’m stoked as heck to start using this blog and put all of my crazy and not-so-crazy thoughts into word form for others to digest, commentate on, and enjoy for whatever purposes they desire.

Why do you care? You probably don’t… But I do, and I care about helping people out. Therefore I am going to be doing my best to providing useful content over the coming weeks, months, and years to add mucho value-o to your vida.

Included in this will be ways to reclaim your time (obvi), book summaries (I’ll make them interesting I promise), the occassional rant, while many other entertaining people, places, and things. This is my no-holds-barred blog where I can write about whatever the heck I want (I’m writing it aren’t I?) and where I will hopefully develop into the amazing communicator that I aspire to be. As time unfolds I will be sure to customize the layout and reveal more about myself whenever time allows. But for now, in the words of the wise Porky Pig “Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks!”