How To Survive Life!

It’s pretty crazy how some simple actions repeated daily can have such an effect on one’s life. I love the progress I’ve made in the past 6 months!! I’m also excited to share with you the techniques I have learned thus far.


I’m going to be doing very big things over the course of my life and I figure the only better place to announce it is on the internet. Once it’s on here, its existence can never be erased. I like that permanence. I like when I am held to a higher standard. I like challenges. And I LOVE growing. I figure I can help others grow like myself if I document exactly what I’m going through.


There must be a very concrete reason why I have come back for round two on this blog. Possibly for the fact that I get to continue developing my typing & journaling skills? Possibly to connect with more people? Possibly to find out how to run a business and to do that I need to surround myself with the best of the best! Thank the lawd that I can find such fantastic influential sources right in my virtual backyard.


I vow to bring outstanding, interesting, and possbily mindblowing content to the world and I here and now proclaim that I will commit to this. Just watch me world! My actions will speak so loud I don’t need to say a word. 🙂


Leave a comment below explaining how you handle day to day struggles, challenges, and unexpected events!


Challenge Yourself!


So one of my new habits I’m trying to form is to get out of my house whenever possible to do work. This includes reading, writing blog posts, managing bills, and anything else. One of my good friends told me to try to smile the whole time while I was in Starbucks… WOW! This is hard! I’m realizing how little I smile based on how much it hurts just to hold it for 20 minutes. So my challenge to myself (along with a myriad of other new ideas that I pick up every day) will be to try to smile more and more over the coming months.

I believe it will have a truly dramatic effect on my life, the people I attract, the situations I encounter and my learning ability about anything. (Simply reading Think and Grow Rich with a smile has caused me to visualize and retain much more of the information!) I will be commenting on the effectiveness of this strategy as events unfold.


Think and Grow Rich Ch. 1

I have decided to first start off with the book Think and Grow Rich as it is one of the cornerstones to many people’s fortunes, empires, and exceedingly happy lives.  I am going to be covering the main points of the chapters, but for brevity’s sake I am going to leave out most of the story telling details. DO NOT think that these are unimportant. They allow you to visualize and put yourself in the person’s shoes so you may relate their experiences to real life examples. I highly suggest your grab a copy of the book to understand what it is I’m referring to as the facts are not nearly as easy to understand and compare to your own experiences as the stores are within the book.

In addition, the methods, anecdotes, and ideas in place in this book all “make sense” but they won’t be able to work for us unless we put them into effect, practice them every day, and become a student of how they truly work. Seeing as how I how this is my first book I’m dissecting, it may be sloppy, it may be terrible but it’s for my own use as well as yours, so a small hoorah to improving before we begin!

Ch.1 – The Power of Thought

When purposepersistence, and a burning desire are attached to thoughts, those thoughts become exponentially more powerful. And often we believe that wealth, success, and a different life are supposed to appear magically overnight. These things do not appear in one sitting, they come SLOWLY, and often we have no idea how to bring our vision about! One thing is for sure: we must have a definite purpose for our goal and stop at nothing to achieve it (read: get knocked down 1000 times, get back up 1001). When a person risks everything to achieve their dream, he/she is destined to succeed because there is no other way.

Example: Trying to find a job. If you put it in your mind that you have to land a job to support your family and their well-being and survival depends on it. You will most likely get the job. IF you believe you can get a job and are constantly striving to find the information to help you succeed in that pursuit. Applying to 1 job a day will probably not get you there. But the law of averages is in our favor. Eventually, with enough effort, all blockades and boundaries can be surpassed. We have infinitely powerful minds and as soon as a person realizes that, is when the momentum of forward progress begins.

An example would be a once poor child who had worn potato sacks as dresses and who was molested by two members of her family as a teen. Who could this unfortunate soul be? Oprah! She has since turned her life around and become a beacon of hope for many people aspiring to make an impact on the world. The question is: HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?!

We must get started! Take the plunge! You will never know how something will work out until you try it. What a different world we would live in if only everyone who had an idea or desire would attach themselves and hold onto that vision until it came to fruition. DO NOT let failure or temporary defeat seem like a reason to stop striving to achieve your mission, these circumstances are placed there to test your resolve and determine if you are truly invested and willing to go the distance to achieve your desire.

Failure loves to play games with the people striving for something. It takes pride and joy in its ability to cut mortals down to size when they are inches away from success. Be prepared for this in your endeavors. Mindset also plays into your stickability factor as well. If we are able to look at every bad experience as a learning lesson instead of being angry and disappointed, we will be sure not to repeat our failures and be much more prepared for similar situations in the future.

When a definite purpose is combined with an alertness to our surroundings while searching for the answers to our problems, the answers will begin to flow to you naturally. In any of the various chapters of the book may be found a single idea (ONLY ONE!), plan or purpose that will allow you to tap into the power to bring to fruition your vision and goals. This idea may cause you to look back into your life at a past defeat and pull to the surface a lesson through which you can acquire that which you lost through defeat.

The strange thing about wealth is that once it starts to come into your life, it happens so rapidly and in such large quantities, one typically thinks “where the heck have you been all these years I’ve been struggling!?”

The road to riches can be obtained simply by mastering the principles of these philosophies and others in the book and utilizing the instructions for putting them to use in everyday life. But to do this, one must change their mind from being failure conscious to success conscious. Unfortunately most people’s habits and behaviors are entrenched with failure consciousness: AKA poverty, want, misery, failure, and defeat.

The beauty of it all is we ultimately have control of what goes into and out of our mind! We have the amazing ability to control our thoughts. While it is easy to think positive thoughts, it is also easy to think negative ones as well. Our minds do not distinguish whether a thought is going to be harmful or helpful, it simply receives it. If we desire riches, we have to tune our minds to the frequency of intensely desiring riches, in which the desire for money drives us to create definite plans for acquiring it.

Start of a New Journey

Well, where to begin… It all started when I was about 6 when I fell out of Boo Radley’s apple tree… Just kidding! I’m stoked as heck to start using this blog and put all of my crazy and not-so-crazy thoughts into word form for others to digest, commentate on, and enjoy for whatever purposes they desire.

Why do you care? You probably don’t… But I do, and I care about helping people out. Therefore I am going to be doing my best to providing useful content over the coming weeks, months, and years to add mucho value-o to your vida.

Included in this will be ways to reclaim your time (obvi), book summaries (I’ll make them interesting I promise), the occassional rant, while many other entertaining people, places, and things. This is my no-holds-barred blog where I can write about whatever the heck I want (I’m writing it aren’t I?) and where I will hopefully develop into the amazing communicator that I aspire to be. As time unfolds I will be sure to customize the layout and reveal more about myself whenever time allows. But for now, in the words of the wise Porky Pig “Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks!”