Start of a New Journey

Well, where to begin… It all started when I was about 6 when I fell out of Boo Radley’s apple tree… Just kidding! I’m stoked as heck to start using this blog and put all of my crazy and not-so-crazy thoughts into word form for others to digest, commentate on, and enjoy for whatever purposes they desire.

Why do you care? You probably don’t… But I do, and I care about helping people out. Therefore I am going to be doing my best to providing useful content over the coming weeks, months, and years to add mucho value-o to your vida.

Included in this will be ways to reclaim your time (obvi), book summaries (I’ll make them interesting I promise), the occassional rant, while many other entertaining people, places, and things. This is my no-holds-barred blog where I can write about whatever the heck I want (I’m writing it aren’t I?) and where I will hopefully develop into the amazing communicator that I aspire to be. As time unfolds I will be sure to customize the layout and reveal more about myself whenever time allows. But for now, in the words of the wise Porky Pig “Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks!”