How To Survive Life!

It’s pretty crazy how some simple actions repeated daily can have such an effect on one’s life. I love the progress I’ve made in the past 6 months!! I’m also excited to share with you the techniques I have learned thus far.


I’m going to be doing very big things over the course of my life and I figure the only better place to announce it is on the internet. Once it’s on here, its existence can never be erased. I like that permanence. I like when I am held to a higher standard. I like challenges. And I LOVE growing. I figure I can help others grow like myself if I document exactly what I’m going through.


There must be a very concrete reason why I have come back for round two on this blog. Possibly for the fact that I get to continue developing my typing & journaling skills? Possibly to connect with more people? Possibly to find out how to run a business and to do that I need to surround myself with the best of the best! Thank the lawd that I can find such fantastic influential sources right in my virtual backyard.


I vow to bring outstanding, interesting, and possbily mindblowing content to the world and I here and now proclaim that I will commit to this. Just watch me world! My actions will speak so loud I don’t need to say a word. 🙂


Leave a comment below explaining how you handle day to day struggles, challenges, and unexpected events!