How To Survive Life!

It’s pretty crazy how some simple actions repeated daily can have such an effect on one’s life. I love the progress I’ve made in the past 6 months!! I’m also excited to share with you the techniques I have learned thus far.


I’m going to be doing very big things over the course of my life and I figure the only better place to announce it is on the internet. Once it’s on here, its existence can never be erased. I like that permanence. I like when I am held to a higher standard. I like challenges. And I LOVE growing. I figure I can help others grow like myself if I document exactly what I’m going through.


There must be a very concrete reason why I have come back for round two on this blog. Possibly for the fact that I get to continue developing my typing & journaling skills? Possibly to connect with more people? Possibly to find out how to run a business and to do that I need to surround myself with the best of the best! Thank the lawd that I can find such fantastic influential sources right in my virtual backyard.


I vow to bring outstanding, interesting, and possbily mindblowing content to the world and I here and now proclaim that I will commit to this. Just watch me world! My actions will speak so loud I don’t need to say a word. 🙂


Leave a comment below explaining how you handle day to day struggles, challenges, and unexpected events!


Challenge Yourself!


So one of my new habits I’m trying to form is to get out of my house whenever possible to do work. This includes reading, writing blog posts, managing bills, and anything else. One of my good friends told me to try to smile the whole time while I was in Starbucks… WOW! This is hard! I’m realizing how little I smile based on how much it hurts just to hold it for 20 minutes. So my challenge to myself (along with a myriad of other new ideas that I pick up every day) will be to try to smile more and more over the coming months.

I believe it will have a truly dramatic effect on my life, the people I attract, the situations I encounter and my learning ability about anything. (Simply reading Think and Grow Rich with a smile has caused me to visualize and retain much more of the information!) I will be commenting on the effectiveness of this strategy as events unfold.